Will You Be Deceived?

Is It You?TM is a co-op multiplayer social deduction game set in a mushroom-verse of trickery, deception, and mistrust. No matter your squad or role, win by surviving long enough to expose and eliminate the nefarious mushrooms in your ranks!

The Shady Shrooms

Team up with the Virtuous Truffles to identify, unmask, and vote out the tainted mushrooms. Don't forget to use your special abilities to weed em' out!


Betray, Bluff, and Banter

Work with the Shady Shiitakes to slyly eliminate the unsuspecting mushrooms and steal victory! Use your abilities to stay undetected.

Survive Together
Or Win Alone

Fly Solo and bet on yourself. Use your own wits to win single-handedly when they least expect it!


A Whodunnit Thriller With A

Observe, deduce, collect items, use abilities, and chat with the mushrooms around you to reveal your enemies! While some of the mushrooms attempt to deduce the truth, the others must deceive and mislead.

Game Features

Multiplayer co-op game - Minimum of 8 players per match
Public matchmaking
Customization - Pick your skin and emote
12 different random roles to play
Proximity voice chat
Easy-to-run, low-spec requirement

Our Team

REMAG is a creative collective of lifelong gamers, award-winning artists, technology disrupters, content strategists, geeks, and dog lovers. We create next-gen digital experiences using next-gen technologies.

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