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'Is It You?TM' can be downloaded from Steam, and can be played on either a PC or a Mac.

For any other questions, please email playersupport@isityou.gg and our team will get back to you as soon as they can!.

Groups of up to 9 players can join public matchmaking together. Up to 15 players can start a private game.

'Is It You?TM' has a base cost of $4.99 USD in the United States. The game is priced similarly in other countries, but in their respective currencies.

Victory is typically achieved by eliminating enough players from enemy teams - through voting, abilities, or killing them outright.

The Truffle Squad wins if all Shady Shiitake players have been eliminated, or if players collect enough orbs to open the escape portal and enough Truffle Squad players make it through.

The Shady Shiitakes win if the number of Shady Shiitakes is equal to or greater than the number of Truffle Squad players and the Lone Mushroom player is dead.

The Trickster wins if they are voted out!

Please send suggestions to playersupport@isityou.gg, and our team will get back to you as soon as they can!

'Is It You?TM' doesn't yet have full-blown user accounts or logins, but you can change your mushroom's name by clicking on the name field in the upper-left of the screen. Please note this only works when you are not in a lobby or match.

Please report bugs to playersupport@isityou.gg, and our team will get back to you as soon as they can!

The Early Access version will launch in Summer of 2022.

'Is It You?TM' is first launching for Windows and Mac. We are also working on a mobile version for iOS and Android, which will be released later.

If you're solo, click 'Play'. If you're hosting a lobby, click 'Quick Play'.

First, host a lobby by clicking the 'Host' button in the bottom-left of the main screen. Now, you will see a code where the 'Host' button used to be. Send this code to your friends, and ask them to enter it into the 'Enter Code' field that can be found to the left of the 'Host' button on the main screen. You can copy the code by clicking on the blue paper icon that's next to it.

From the main menu, you can create a lobby for yourself and friends by clicking the "Host" button. Then, check the lower-left corner of your screen to find your lobby code. Send that code to your friends, and they'll be able to join. From here, you can play privately or enter matchmaking.

Matchmaking will pair ten random players within a region and spawn them into a game. Groups with up to nine players can enter matchmaking together. Groups with ten players can play private games.

Is It You?TM will soon be released for PC and MAC. Any computer with at least a quad-core (with hyperthreading) Intel i3 CPU with an NVIDIA GTX 650 GPU, or a modern quad-core AMD APU, will be able to run the game. To best enjoy the game, an Intel i5, or AMD Ryzen 5, paired with an NVIDIA GTX 1650 or above, is recommended.

Is It You?TM is a social deduction game that relies on voice chat between players. While not required, a headset is recommended for your best enjoyment. Try not to use speakers for sound while your mic is on, or else other players may hear feedback.